Why digital envelope printing?

16 February 2015
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16 February 2015, Comments: 0
Pillarbox Envelopes have invested in this innovative technology to provide you with a quicker, cheaper method of effective envelope printing. Digitally printed envelopes provide the perfect solution for highly targeted mailing campaigns and can improve your overall return on investment.

1. Target each customer directly

Digital envelope personalisation

Simply provide us with a database and we can print multiple versions of your envelopes, tailoring the imagery and text to each individual customer. This allows you to be much more creative with the envelope design so that your message will really stand out when it’s in the recipient’s hand. This will ultimately increase the open rate and the return on investment from your campaigns.

2. Lower your costs

Digital envelope cost savings

Another advantage of digital envelope printing is that, for smaller volumes, your order can be printed at a lower cost. Because the set up time is reduced, we therefore save on costs and pass these savings onto you.

3. Add an extra splash of colour

Digital envelope full colour

Our innovative digital printing technology also offers you the option of four colours. So you can make your customer communications stand out better than ever. To further enhance your imagery, we can print your envelopes using either matt, gloss or photo paper.

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