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22 January 2014
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22 January 2014, Comments: 0
Sequels, prequels, threequels and remakes are all on the menu for 2014 as a whole army of tried and tested characters return to the big screen. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 films we’re most excited to see in the New Year.
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We were mega excited to learn that a remake of the 1987 classic Robocop was on the cards. Half man, half robot, all action thrill ride.

Just like the original, this new shiny version is set in a futuristic and crime-ridden Detroit where good cop Alex Murphy is gravely injured in a gang attack.

A multinational robotics company then see this as a chance to introduce what they hope will be the first of many Robocops into the American police force. They do this by turning what is left of Alex into a crime fighting machine, complete with bullet proof armour and high-tech weaponry.

What they haven’t banked on is the fierce determination of the human half of their new upgrade.

Anticipation rating: 8/10



godzilla_2014_by_wolfpred587-d6cu24bGODZILLA – MAY RELEASE

The character Godzilla has come a long way since its debut appearance in the 1954 Japanese film Gojira.

Back then, the epic monster was depicted by a man in specially crafted pyjamas. The hugely popular 1998 remake brought the 300 foot killing machine well and truly into the new age of cinema with some stunning effects.

Now it’s 2014’s turn to tell the story of the famous radioactive monster, which rages war on humankind. We’re pretty certain stars including Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Kick Ass 2’s Aaron Johnson, will not let us down.

Anticipation rating: 9/10


22_jump_street_movie_poster_122 JUMP STREET – JUNE RELEASE

The best way to describe 21 Jump Street – the original film in this series was ‘hilarious’. It charted the dysfunctional partnership of new police recruits Schmidt and Jenko who are placed undercover in a high school drugs operation because they happen to be “Justin-beiber looking”.

The sequel is likely to raise just as many laughs as Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum team up again, this time posing as college students.

Anticipation rating: 7/10






how-to-train-your-dragon-2-fan-made-posterHOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 – JUNE RELEASE

With an all star voice cast including Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill and Kristen Wiig the original film was nominated for an Oscar.

After successfully uniting the world of dragons and men, in this highly anticipated sequel our heroes Hiccup and Toothless discover a secret ice cave, which is home to hundreds of wild dragons that must be tamed.

Whether you’re a fan of animated films or not, you’re sure to enjoy the mix of heartfelt story and stunning graphics this film will provide.

Anticipation rating: 7/10



the_hobbit__the_desolation_of_smaugTHE HOBBIT (PART III) – THERE AND BACK AGAIN – DECEMBER RELEASE

We’re sure most of you agree that the second part of the highly acclaimed Hobbit prequels was even better than the first installment.

Let’s hope the final part of Peter Jackson’s trilogy lives upto the hype and delivers a third film that eclipses even that.

After escaping from the clutches of Smaug the dragon, Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf companions still need to reclaim Erebor and its magnificent treasure and fend off a series of foes that wish to stop them.

Anticipation rating: 10/10



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