Graphic Design on your Printed Envelopes

30 December 2013
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30 December 2013, Comments: 0

Here at Pillarbox, we strive to ensure that each of our customer’s printed envelopes are expertly designed before print. With this in mind, we have the latest software available to ensure that our design studio always delivers.

What is Graphic Design?

The basis of Graphic Design is the bringing together of various elements into one area to achieve an interaction that will communicate a message within a given context. The message may be conveyed and even manipulated through the careful, visual juggling of the elements that are to be used within the design area. Essentially, these elements will consist of words, photography, illustrations and graphic images, combined with a controlling force of black, white and colour.

pbox graphic design lopeWhy is Graphic Design so important?

Good graphic design is considered essential when issuing various mailing campaigns to your customers; a harmonious and visually stimulating printed envelope can make all the difference when you are aiming for interaction and the willingness for it to be opened. When picked up amongst the regular pile of bills, a well designed printed envelope ensures that you will deliver an instant WOW factor.

How can I ensure that I have the right design for my printed envelopes?

The first thing to be considered is why you are sending the printed envelopes and to whom,. This proves essential when deciding upon the correct design. A younger and more modern audience may require something in keeping with their love of colour and urban living, whilst an older generation may consider something more formal but just as inviting. With this in mind, a number of initial ideas can begin to form. Pillarbox envelopes are incredibly adept at tailoring a design to your needs before providing a number of digital proofs. This allows accurate amendments and your input, so that the finished printed envelopes are YOUR printed envelopes.

 Once I have chosen my design, what is the next step?

Having confirmed that the digital proof is exactly what you require, this will then be converted into the correct file type and size specifications to enable a perfect print. This is then handed over from our studio to the envelope printing team in our purpose built factory. Using the latest in digital printing, the design is then printed onto the envelopes with constant supervision and frequent quality checks. The finished product is then packed and delivered using our courier.

We hope that the above clarifies the basis and reasoning behind the need for the good Graphic Design ensuring perfectly printed envelopes from Pillarbox!

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