Edukid Ambitions for 2016 and Beyond

4 April 2016
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4 April 2016, Comments: 0

Edukid is a charity created to help children growing up in poverty to access an education. Currently, Edukid supports around 2,000 childrenAlice in Uganda, Cambodia and Palestine. We last heard from Edukid in January 2015, where we spoke to the charity’s CEO, Chris, about his hopes for the oncoming year. We asked Chris and his team to tell us about their achievements for 2015 and their goals for 2016.

2015 was a great year for Edukid.  April saw the launch of our Palestine partnership project with the NUT, created to encourage citizenship and to give a voice to children of all religions living in conflict and repression. We have since launched a second video, highlighting the challenges faced by Palestinian children.

Our trip to Uganda in February 2015 was a success; we took delegates of all ages and from all walks of life, who enjoyed meeting the children and families that their support directly helps. There were tears, much laughter, talking, a Nile cruise, a safari and even a marriage proposal!

maryUnfortunately, in the middle of the year we were presented with an emergency situation that required our help, when the mother of one of our Ugandan children was attacked and left terribly ill. Thankfully, due to the incredible, caring and generous people that support Edukid, we were able to raise funds to help. You can read the full story here.

In Cambodia, we have increased the number of children that we support, taking on an additional community and helping more children to access education. We were thrilled to see some of our original students graduating this year; Sineth, who you can see here in a video interview in 2011, has now qualified as a doctor. He has opened a small clinic in his settlement, where he provides affordable healthcare, he hopes to use his small income to qualify as a paediatrician.

We saw our team grow from Chris and a team of volunteers to a few members of part time staff: a schools worker as part of our NUT partnership, an administrator, and someone to help with communications and marketing.

We are very excited about the possibilities for the oncoming year. We continue to build relationships with a range of charities and organisations to help us to encourage the citizenship, empowerment and education of children across cultures.

We have a few exciting events designed to get people from all walks of life involved, working together to achieve great things, so watch this space!  We are currently looking at ways in which we can use technology to help improve the learning conditions of children in Africa and Asia, a broad and complex task that has huge potential.

Please visit the Edukid website for more information:

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