Direct mailing Statistics - Why businesses should use direct mailing

29 March 2016
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29 March 2016, Comments: 0

Direct mailing – How do I get the most out of direct mailing campaigns?

Whilst spending on digital marketing is increasing fast, we believe that the old favourite, direct mail, is an important channel in the marketers’ toolkit. The Direct Marketing Association found that post is twice as more likely to engender trust than email, as well as being more memorable and authoritative.
With traditional offline marketing methods like direct mail, recipients are more likely to physically pick up information, making it far more memorable. 34% of marketers are looking at investing in direct mail marketing in 2015, according to ALF’s Marketing Spend Report.  
See below for our top 5 reasons on why you should be using direct mailing as part of your marketing strategy.

Direct Mailing Statistics

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                   You can download the full infographic in PDF format HERE.

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