5 key uses for our new Heavyweight Printed Envelopes

13 August 2014
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13 August 2014, Comments: 0

Our new range of heavyweight printed envelopes provide an ideal way to protect important documents.

tiny pbox These premium weight printed envelopes can also be used to create the ultimate first impression of your business to new customer or prospects.

tiny pbox Not only will they protect their contents from being bent and creased in transit, they can also be fully personalised. So you can have elements such as your logo, key messages and images printed in full colour on the envelope.

Here are a number of uses for the heavyweight printed envelopes:

1. Exam boards, universities and colleges use our heavyweight printed envelopes to safely dispatch qualification certificates to successful candidates.

2. Businesses who need to send out high quality brochures and catalogues to prospective customers use the heavyweight envelopes to create an impression of quality and ensure the contents is not creased.

3. Many businesses opt for a heavyweight printed envelope when they send out Important papers such as insurance policies and wills to give these documents extra protection.

4. Event companies request premium weight printed envelopes to help create an all important impression of luxury for their big event.

5. Some businesses also consider heavyweight envelopes ideal for presenting a gift to a select number of customers, such as a new product sample, calendars or vouchers.

To find out more about the sizes, weights and customisation available for our heavyweight printed envelopes, please click here.

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